Project PaletteV2

The institute Prava poteza participates in the international project Palette V2 (Participative Activity and Learning Environment offering Targeted ICT Tools for the Elderly) that is financialy supported from the AAL programme.

The project aims to develop a user friendly interactive platform, which would be helpful for the elderly and approachable online.

The Palette V2 project will introduce and promote the active use of ICT based solutions. The project aims to develop a comprehensive service environment or platform serving elderly people at home, but targeting other people as well (elderly residents, secondary and tertiary end-users).

The primary services of the platform will cover some of the senior's main demand areas.

The main service areas of the system are:

1.     Communication: social activities and contacts (with family, peers and others), leading to active participation in the community. 

2.     Health and care: living at home (or in a residential centre) as independent individuals. 

3.     Life long learning: keeping up to date with ICT, media, general and professional skills,

control of personal finances (insurance, easy access to one's personal account). 

4.     Working: (job acquisition and entrepreneurship support) to stay active and earn an income beyond the pension age.



The project consortium consists of the following partners:

1.     Project leader: University Hospitals of Geneva HUG (Switzerland)

2.     SC SIVECO Romania SA SIVECO (Romania)

3.     Stichting Reflexion (the Netherlands)

4.     Knowledge Society Association SSW (Poland)

5.     Zavod Prava poteza (Slovenia)

6.     VILANS (the Netherlands)

7.     Stichting Smart Homes (the Netherlands)

8.     KempenLIFE KEMP (the Netherlands)

9.     University of Bucharest (Romania)


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