Project management is not a magic wand. It needs to be taken seriously and it needs to be learned. Unfortunately, many learn it from mistakes.

However, we can help you in this. Luckily, project management basis on several fundamental rules everybody can understand and which are often used in our daily lives. Besides the technological knowledge and understanding of processes a certain degree of discipline and willingness to communicate are needed.

Elementary education is aimed at project managers who already have experience in project work and would like to improve it, as well to the groups that are just starting with it and wish to do their best at the first attempt.

Project management workshops

An essential part of business objectives, especially in the intellectual industry, are fulfilled with various projects.

What, exactly, is a project? How do we plan, manage and control it? How can we reach the objectives in the most efficient and effective manner?

These are the questions that sooner or later get asked by a motivated project manager.

Answers to these questions can be obtained at our project management workshops, where real-life cases are presented and discussed. Participants often realize that they already know the majority of the project management principles but are not disciplined enough to follow them.

Workshops are organized for groups of up to 15 participants in accordance with previously discussed needs and agreed objectives.

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