Privacy policy

As the manager of personal data, Prava poteza Maribor handles the personal data of users responsibly and prudently in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations governing this area. The Company processes those data for the purpose of carrying out activities at the request of users (for the preparation of information, offers, etc.), prior to the conclusion of contracts, for the performance of contracts, for the fulfilment of the data manager’s legal obligations and for its legitimate interests, which include direct marketing and the provision of personal data (including through the processing thereof) to its affiliated companies (listed on the website

The personal data for which users give their explicit consent to the data manager Prava poteza Maribor and its affiliated companies to process and which the data manager obtains in the scope of the lawful performance of its activities, are also processed by Prava poteza Maribor and its affiliated companies for the purpose of communications regarding personalized offers in accordance with the terms and conditions of personal data protection of Prava poteza Maribor (accessible at the data manager’s registered office and all of its organizational units, and on the website, until users revoke their consent for the processing of that data for the purposes stated in this paragraph. Users may amend or revoke that consent at any time by informing the data manager in writing at the following address: Prava poteza Maribor, Ulica Vita Kraigherja 5, p.p. 1597, 2000 Maribor or at any of the Company’s organizational units, or via email to:


All information and images published on the website (text, photos (except Royalty-Free Shutterstock photos), drawings, maps and plans, applications) are the property of Prava poteza Maribor and subject to copyright protection. Any reproduction (copying, reproduction, publishing, transfer) must clearly state Prava poteza Maribor as its source.