Project Sub-script

Supportive User Base for Social Return Coordinated (web based) Re-Integration ProTocols 

Prava poteza is one of 6 partners in the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project Subscript.

The main objective of the project is to implement a web based system to support the reintegration or rehabilitation of clients in need of such services. The system will enable persons with special needs to search for online courses in the partner countries in 5 different languages. It will actively sustain the already developed Social Return approach (also a Leonardo da Vinci project) and it will make use of the personal development protocol (PdP) as a central point of information and experience exchange. 

The whole ICT system supporting this service will be evaluated from the main users’ perspectives, both by experts (coaches and trainers included) and by users under guidance.

The main deliverables that other deliverables help realize are:

* SRW: Social Return Web

* STAF: Service and Training Access Facility, ROUNDABOUT

Supportive User Base for Social Return Coordinated (web based) Re-Integration ProTocols

Result will be a service support platform implemented according to the requirements prepared in WP 2: to host a single point of non-medical data entrance web portal for users and a database, holding the (non-medical) PdP, digital portfolio, experience interchange, guidelines and implementation notes, taken into account the specifics of safety and integration protocols.

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