Project Create-in

Main aims of this project are oriented to the new means of communication and presentation of creative skills to the labour market. Work and skills of creative professionals (designers, hairdressers, make-up artists...) has to be presented in a contemporary and easy accessible way for their potential buyers or employers. Secondary school students have explicitly expressed their need and interest for such knowledge although it is not in the curriculum (yet). To achieve this aim we found a way to combine and adapt two successful innovations: multimedia production of hairdressers designs and electronic portfolio with the organisation that is internationally recognized for conceptual frameworks for school improvement and design of in service training programs. Project has three simple objectives, that are not that simple to achieve: 

  1. Adjustment/upgrade of the education process with ICT enabled contents for vocational students with creativity e-portfolio production knowledge
  2. Access to this knowledge for employees and job seekers in the design community
  3. Support to national and international job search with ICT creativity portal, that is compatible with social network platforms.


In the project participate:

Lead Partner: Secondary School for design Maribor 

Partner 1: Zavod Prava poteza

Partner 2: My (United Kingdom)

Partner 3: Stichting Reflexion (Netherland)

Partner 4: Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia 

Partner 5: Hair Studio Smiljan Škarica i.e.


Activity of the project:

  1. Adjust the selected innovations (creativity portfolio) to target area and market, asses the technical possibilities   
  2. Establish and portal with relevant e-portfolio information
  3. Transfer knowledge and set up environment to produce multimedia presentations and prepare the learning materials 
  4. Train the trainers 
  5. Teach the students how to make an e-portfolio for creative occupations and produce 10 pilot e-portfolios with students of vocational school.
  6. Present the portfolios at the dedicated portal and promote the portal in the area of potential employers and job seekers
  7. Evaluate usability of results and employability of students in Slovenia and Europe.

Lifelong learning programme