Project Dramurci

DRA-MUR-CI: The DRAVA-MURA Cross-border Initiative

Project is co-financed by European Union by the European Regional Development Fund under the OP SI-AT 2007-2013

The project aims toward the integration of the water management activities in the area of the largest rivers (Drava and Mura), that are shared by two EU states (Austria and Slovenia), according to two EU Directives: Water Framework Directive (WFD Water Framework Directive) and Flood Directive (Directive Flood FD). The first directive covers the planning and execution of programs, public participation and the maintenance of river basins, while the second directive deals with the problems of flooding, taking into account the objectives of management during flood, flood risk management plans and the establishment of flood plain areas. The project will establish common standards for the handling of floods and management of sediments that are currently not implemented. This will be achieved through intensive cooperation and exchange of experiences. The following will be ensured with the inclusion of both Universities who will treat scientific questions in a professional and technologically advanced level. 

Project partners: 

  • Leading partner: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor. The project leader is prof. dr. Renata Jecl. 
  • Partner 1:  Department of the Austrian Styrian Government, responsible for technical areas of water resource management, ecology 
  • Partner 2:  Department of the Austrian Styrian Government, responsible for the environmental protection 
  • Partner 3:  Department of the Austrian Caritnthia Government, responsible for the professional field of hydrology, hydraulic protection, maintenance, public water-good 
  • Partner 4:  Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Ljubljana, 
  • Partner 5:  Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (EARS) 
  • Partner 6:  Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia, Centre for Water Management of the Drava river basin

The DRA-MUR-CI project activities cover coherent cross-border development and support measures for the protection of humans and the environment against natural disasters and improving the living environment of people, flora and fauna. Six work-packages that cover the project content have the goal to create common standards and information-based technology for protection against flooding and the exchange of experience at the professional level and prove the concept in realized pilot projects.

The project has two essential tasks:

  1. In-depth research and development on the field of water management and cross-border cooperation, including the understanding of the occurrence of flooding and flood risk and control of sediments. Based on the analysis of scientific data and information platform of the floods we can improve the system of warning and informing citizens, civil protection and upgrade bilateral warning and action plans. 
  2. Regulation of rivers and flood protection measures to re-evaluate the nature, the living environment of both rivers and integrated action in the form of pilot projects on the river Drava and Mura.

On Friday, the 25th of September 2009 signing of the joint consortium agreement between all project partners will officially launch the project DRA-MUR-CI. Estimated total value of this four year project is 3.5 million €.