Project LDV mobility Irish - EDAC DRG

Between June 13-20 2009 4 participants from the Institute of Public Health (M. Omerzu, D. Lavtar, B. Zupan, I. Zupanc) and 2 participants from the Institute Prava poteza (T. K. Stjepanovic, Ž. Hohnjec attended a study visit "Education and encoding SPP" in the Irish capital city of Dublin.) To make use of the best travel options, we departed for Dublin already on Saturday, 13 June in the afternoon and returned to Ljubljana on Saturday, 20 June 2009 in the evening.

The study visit was carried out under the Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) Programme, which supports developing of professional education and training in Europe, integration of social partners, the personal development of individuals in the labour market, students and professionals in the field of education and training of staff workers and learning about the culture and heritage of countries participating in the LdV programmes. Participants can improve their vocational knowledge, acquire skills and qualifications, employability and participation in the European job market.

The objective of the mobility project, with the acronym EDAC DRG, is the exchange of good practices in the field of education and coding, i.e., DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups).

Ireland has been selected to become the receiver of mobility, because it has introduced the DRG programme as early as in 1991. In 2007, 50 % of the budget of the included hospitals was dependent on the results of the DRG. When conducting the analysis and selecting the DRG system, similar issues were taken into consideration like in Slovenia when introducing the DRG system. Ireland has, in co-operation with the ESRI organisation, after a thorough analysis renewed and supplemented the DRG system. With that, Ireland has become the role model for Slovenia, because it has combined successful introduction to the relatively fast dynamics of increasing the DRG influence to the hospitals' budget, as well as successfully adapted the system to local specialties. Due to the fact that the system remains comparable to the original DRG no matter what the local adjustments, Ireland, and thus also the ESRI organisation, is ideal for Slovenia for the sake of comparison and knowledge transfer in relation to DRG.

Institute ESRI which was chosen, is the operative and co-ordinating body for the SPP in Ireland and he has also specific training courses for professional encoders.

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