Project Merlab

The institute Prava poteza was a partner in the project MeRlab – Innovative Remote Laboratory in the E-training of Mechatronics, which lasted from 1.1.2008 to 30.06.2009. The third priority of the Leonardo da Vinci »Transfer of Innovation« project provides the introduction of good practice in the field of vocational mechatronics training in Slovenia, the support of the state of the art information and communication technologies and established methodical-didactic approaches.

The concrete project objectives are:

The implementation of the innovative virtual laboratory for practical work with the professional training of mechatronics: the transfer of innovative virtual laboratory into the Slovenian environment, translation of the user interface, its adjustment for the needs of the e-course, and the specifically set target groups of users.

The production of multimedia, interactive e-learning contents for the professional training of mechatronics.

Pilot training: with the already prepared e-learning contents and the implementation of the virtual laboratory for practical work, an innovative, 40‑hour e-course is going to be prepared and it is going to be carried out entirely via the Internet.

The project purpose and objectives are directly oriented into the solving of the current imbalance between the offer and demand for the suitably qualified professionals in the field of mechatronics which was established in the preceding surveys.

With the introduction of the e-course of mechatronics, which is going to assure an entirely new way of education of this profile, we are going to additionally educate (to gain the qualification or prequalification) in an innovative and efficient manner the employed and unemployed who have already completed their formal education, but experience their knowledge as not being sufficient enough due to the technological changes. Due to the fact that our education method enables the time and place independence with which it minimalizes the disturbances of the work processes in companies, it fulfils the demands that were stated in the surveys by the companies.