Project Reference clinics

Ministry of Health will give 2,2 million euro for a pilot project to introduce of Reference clinics, that are in their work begin throughout the Slovenia in 1th of April 2011. By September it has worked 60, in September they were joined by 47 of these clinics.

Reference clinics means important improvement in the team care of patient in clinics of family medicine, they also means increased accessibility of the population to quality and safe health care and reduce of waiting times.  

Reference clinics are clinics for family medicine, supplemented by graduate nurse. It is to strengthen team of family medicine and with thus also basic health activities, which is a priority for health policy. In this way, will be improve the quality of work and satisfaction of patient. Introduction of new staff will be making the transfer of certain tasks and responsibilities.

It is purposed that in cases of RC developed a model that will define a clinic doctor of family medicine in the future at the level of:

  • The contents of the work (management protocol of chronically ill, establishment of registers)
  • Organization of work (division of activities and competencies, comprehensive treatment of patients)
  • Human resources Strategy (upgraded team with the appropriate division of work within the team) and
  • Model of payment (need to propose an amendment to financing which based on capitation and quality of work).

The objectives of the project:

  • Provide the quality treatment for all patients at the primary level to the extent that the necessary referrals to secondary level with adequate strafing-content-financial structure,
  • Increase the quality and cost effectiveness of treatment of patients,
  • Increase satisfaction of patients and staff at the primary level.

Role of Prava poteza in the project of RC: MANAGEMENT PROJECT OFFICE