Project SC2BC

Institute Prava poteza participates in the international project SC2BC (From School Class to Business Class), declared under the Erasmus program + (Strategic Partnerships).

Starting one's own business should become a mainstream subject in VET and related educational sectors within the time limit of the E+ Programme, i.e. before 2020, because the entrepreneurship requires special knowledge, skills and personal qualities necessary for the self-employed and management of  own businesses.

Since the learning content in the field of entrepreneurship strengthen the competencies needed for independent operations, the project aims to assess the situation in the field of entrepreneurship education in vocational and technical education, on the basis of which it could prepare a coherent package of solutions of entrepreneurship education in school and beyond. The package would be for both target groups in education and external stakeholders (students, teachers, management staff in schools, business owners, managers, policy makers, ...) in order to fill the gap between the educational content (theory) and entrepreneurial reality outside of school (practice) .

An important contribution of the project to vocational and technical education and training will be the possibility of using under the project prepared learning contents and the possibility of their inclusion in the curriculum.


Project partners:

Lead Partner: Fioretti College (Netherlands)

Partner 1: Stichting Reflexion (Netherlands)

Partner 2: European Center for Quality (Bulgaria)

Partner 3: The Center for Professional obuchenie known (Bulgaria)

Partner 4: Starfsendurhæfing Norðurlands - SN Rehabilitation Centre (Iceland)

Partner 5: Centro Studi e Formazione Villa Montesca - Società CONSORTILE a responsabilità limitata (Italy)

Partner 6: Anmelin (Netherlands)

Partner 7: Zavod Prava poteza (Slovenia)


Project activities:

  1. Preparation state of the art report on entrepreneurship education in vocational and technical education and training, which includes both primary and secondary level education Including persons with disabilities;
  2. Preparation of the curriculum for the subject of entrepreneurship;
  3. Implementation of a pilot training in cooperation with companies and
  4. Publication of learning contents, methods and procedures of the  entrepreneurship course.

From School Class to Business Class